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Alice Fraser


Alice Fraser

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Alice Fraser

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Alice Fraser


Alice Fraser is an award-winning writer, broadcaster, performer and comedian. She performs reliably silly, unpredictably meaningful, narratively unorthodox, gut-punch comedy.

"Her stand-up is poignant and gut-punchingly funny... Alice Fraser’s a total star in her own right”
– ★★★★★The Herald Sun


Alice first started performing & writing comedy whilst studying at Sydney University. During her Masters in English Literature at Cambridge, she carried her love of sketch comedy writing and performing into the Cambridge Footlights. In New York during a stint as an intern at an investment bank, she started stand-up comedy, and despite a brief career as a lawyer, has been performing full time ever since, all over the world, to universal critical acclaim.

"Raw Supersmart Hilarity”
Cosmopolitan Magazine


Alice's breadth of experience from the hallowed halls of Cambridge in the Footlights to the sticky floors of New York's cut-throat comedy scene has left her with tough, flexible and impressive writing and performing skills. 

Her sold out solo shows have been performed at numerous Festivals such as the Melbourne Int Comedy Festival, Sydney, Canberra, Perth, Adelaide, New Zealand and Edinburgh Fringe.

"incisive, dextrous hour of compelling storytelling: the way she brings characters to vivid life, then resolves their narratives to a bigger picture”


"She is laugh out loud funny, and then asks the difficult questions of herself and us... Unexpectedly moving and thought provoking, the best sort of contemporary stand-up”
– ★★★★ The Adelaide Advertiser


"The atmosphere is acrobatic, Fraser’s story-telling is charismatically compelling and her delivery is flawlessly paced...It makes you laugh, it makes you cry.. most importantly, it makes you think... This is stand-up like you’ve never seen it before. Wonderfully funny and devastatingly poignant, Savage is a show that really could change the world, or at least the way you choose to see it”
– ★★★★ Broadway Baby


Alice has given a TEDx Talk about vanity in the face of death, debated the power of the media against Julian Assange at Splendour in the Grass and once did a gig in a Butcher’s shop next to a rotating meat display that was much more stressful than either of those things.

"Alice Fraser is a powerhouse. A life-changer... a show that made you laugh and shiver, smile and cry”
– ★★★★★ EdinburghGuide.com


Alice has two shows available on Next Up Comedy;

Ethos’ which is described as another intelligent, informed, intricately woven comedy special from Aussie Alice Fraser. With AI robot Ethos at her side, Alice ponders humanity, history, failure, dick pics, hypocrisy and love. This is one of those stand-up gems that’s unafraid to raise big existential questions, whilst keeping you entertained with brilliant observational comedy along the way.

‘The Resistance’ is an incisive and dextrous hour of beautifully crafted storytelling. It speaks to the tumbledown house Alice grew up in, and the tumbledown people who lived in it. Silly, smart and wonderfully inclusive, Alice uses moments from her past to explore connections between pain, beauty and vanity and the need to celebrate life while you’ve got the chance. Expect silly, smart and poignant comedy with the odd pun and jaunty ditty on the banjo thrown in for good measure.

Alice has been involved in a number of Podcasts, including co-hosting 'The Bugle' and ‘The Trilogy’, which was voted Best Australian Podcast of 2018.

Her ‘Tea with Alice’ Podcast, available here, is extremely popular. Every week this chronic thinker, comedian, ex lawyer and cambridge graduate drinks tea and solves the world, with a rotating cast of bright and brilliant guests. ‘Utterly unmissable. Listening to this podcast is like being seated at the best dinner party in town. Alice is thought provoking, ridiculously hilarious and brilliant. The topics up for discussion are wide ranging and never fail to deliver. Highly recommended’

She could give Daniel Kitson a run for his money…. Fraser can write a cracking joke…” ★★★★Chortle 

A sexy cerebral twist to comedy“ ★★★★★  Out In Perth

highly recommended show” – ★★★★★ Voice Mag

dense with ideas.. that will set minds buzzing days after the gig.. amusing, thought-provoking hour from a comic who always sets her ambition high” ★★★★Chortle

says more in 3 minutes that some comedy shows are wanting to say in an hour.. a very enjoyable show”  ★★★★ Scots Gay

Alice Fraser is a regular MC and keynote speaker at private events. Her corporate experience, working as a lawyer in Sydney, in an investment bank in New York, and for a startup consultancy (in the cloud!) means she can cater material to any event or corporate environment. 

She can talk with humour, wit and an inspirational fire about passion, cultural change, innovation and strength. She's got a nuanced perspective on what will work in the workplace. 

"Alice gave a wonderful performance and did a fantastic job. She had a great presence, was able to read the crowd, be playful and open with the personalities in the room, and had a good sense about the energy and vibe we wanted for the event. We look forward to engaging in the future for more interesting projects!" - The Shalom Institute

Alice brought her distinct personality and her own brand of slightly irreverent humour to our event, and made it come alive.  A fantastic addition to the night.” - Multiple Sclerosis Australia

"Alice Fraser is one of the smartest comedians in Australia, delivering wry observational humour and on point sardonicism with a sweet smile. She's a confirmed festival favourite. She'll keep the audience spellbound with her fearless wit and has consistently, for a number of years, been an absolute pleasure to work with. Witty, whimsical and wiseSplendour Forum & Splendour Comedy Club.


  • Winner - Gigs of the Year - Chortle - 2015
  • SCF Fresh Act - Sydney Comedy Festival - 2014
  • Winner - Homebake Comedy Competition - Australia - 2013

Television & film:

  • Savage, Solo Show - Amazon Prime Video Australia
  • Ethos, Solo Show - Next Up Comedy
  • The Resistance, Solo Show - Next Up Comedy
  • Morning Show - Channel 4
  • Let's Do Coffee - Channel 10
  • Story Hunters - SBS

Currently appearing at:

Alice performs regularly at; the Angel Comedy Club, The Stand, Top Secret Comedy, Up the Creek and many more

Gag Reflex looks after Alice for her live, touring and corporate work.

Please direct all TV, Radio, Writing, and Acting enquiries to The Galton Agency  / andy@thegaltonagency.com  /  07901554191 / 0203 696 1334

Writing credits

  • Chronos - Solo Show
  • Ethos - Solo Show
  • Mythos - Solo Show
  • Savage - Solo Show
  • The Resistance - Solo Show
  • What are we doing? - TedX at Macquarie University
  • The Project - Channel 4, TV
  • A Rational Fear - Radio
  • Tracksuits - FB1 Radio
  • Regular column - SBS Comedy
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