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Barry Dodds


Barry Dodds

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Barry Dodds

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Barry Dodds
Barry Dodds

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Barry Dodds effortlessly charms audiences with his unique brand of disarming wit and wry, down-to-earth observational humour.

"Razor sharp humour" – Metro


Self-confessed comedy geek, Barry took to the comedy stage at the tender age of 21 and soon had audiences eating out of the palm of his hand. Using his own combination of irrepressibly cheeky, and surprisingly dark material, he quickly found himself taking the national comedy circuit by storm.

"Winning friends with his energy and spirit..." – Chortle


"If you are a promoter or club owner and aren't booking Barry Dodds then you should hand in your badge and your gun on my desk Monday morning! …supported me on tour this week, going on stage in front of hundreds of people expecting me and not only winning them round but absolutely nailing it and even making me have to raise my game!" – Jason Manford


Finalist in various high profile competitions such as Jimmy Carr’s Comedy Idol, his twinkly eyed, playful demeanour disarms judging panels, industry experts and audiences alike, allowing him to flirt coquettishly with topics that are traditionally a little more controversial.

A talented storyteller, who uses whimsical imagery and evocative observations, Barry is an assured act, with regular bookings at many of the UK’s top comedy clubs including The Stand and The Glee Club. Barry has recently been supporting Jason Manford, on his UK Tour.

"One of comedy's original thinkers"
– Dominic Holland


His calm, inclusive persona has ensured that Barry has also proven himself to be a popular and amiable MC, garnering a reputation as a strong and reliable choice to hold a quality line up together. Barry has been awarded Best MC at the Midlands Comedy Awards in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

"wonderfully crafted stories and top – class audience interaction.. brings his cheekiness to the stage in absolute buckets" – Bunbury Magazine


In 2015, Barry and fellow comedian Ian Boldsworth decided to start recording their arguments about the existence of ghosts and the paranormal. Lifelong believer Dodds, and hardwired skeptic Boldsworth went head to head in The ParaPod podcast, with staggering results. Based on the supernatural, Ian and Barry debated the existence of the paranormal, explored hauntings, and delved headfirst into the unknown - with completely hilarious results. There was even a two-part special recorded at 30 East Drive, home of the world’s most violent poltergeist, which is not for the faint-hearted…

'A comedy podcast that eschews the nonsense of the paranormal community with critical thinking and shouting. Two comedians, voice of reason Ian and gullible believer Barry debate the supernatural, mysteries and conspiracy theories, in a quest to establish the truth from the fantasy'

Three series, over 2 million downloads, sold out live shows and specials later, Boldsworth made The Parapod the very first podcast to be turned into a feature length film, and in 2020 The ParaPod Movie was unleashed on the show's many loyal fans.

Taking to the roads of the UK in a modified Hearse, they visit the most haunted village in the world, the home of the world’s most violent poltergeist, the underground labyrinths of Edinburgh, and everywhere in between, as Barry tries with increasing desperation to find some proof to convince his cynical friend that ghosts are real. What follows is a journey of true discovery, of shocks, emotional turmoil and a bewildering climax, peppered with The ParaPod’s trademark conflict and hilarity. You won’t believe it… but he will.

Documentary-filmed, completely on location over a three-year period, The ParaPod Movie was produced by Bil Bungay (Moon, Diego Maradona, When The Lights Went Out), directed by and starred award-winning podcast pioneer Ian Boldsworth (Peacock & Gamble Podcast, The ParaPod, The Mental Podcast) and multi-award-winning comedian Barry Dodds.

It's first-ever public screening took place in January 2020, at the Prince Charles Cinema in London. The premiere sold out in two days such was demand, and a nationwide tour was hastily scheduled to meet demand, with dates extended numerous times as fans of the podcast demanded viewings across the UK.

"It’s impossible to write about The Parapod Movie without acknowledging the remarkable way it was financed. That’s thanks to all those listeners who dipped into their pockets and crowdfunded it, wanting to see how the pair could translate their debates about the existence of ghosts to a big-screen narratives.. this is a film about people more than it is about spectral happenings, especially the two protagonists’ peculiarly male friendship based largely on taunting, piss-taking and cajolery. That, of course is where the comedy comes from.

It’s also about the nature of belief, from the nature of ghost stories we like to tell ourselves – a notion underpinned by succinct talking-head experts – to the fact the supposedly ‘open-minded’ Dodds is unwilling to accept serious scrutiny of his point of view, preferring to hide behind pseudo-scientific gadgetry he ultimately knows is pointless.

All this means this movie has an appeal that should reach beyond existing fans of the podcasts. No knowledge of the show is needed, and you don’t even need to care too deeply about things that go bump in the night to become bewitched by their fractious friendship in a film that offers shocks, chills, laughs and a hot take on human nature." – Chortle


The podcast has been nominated at the Chortle Comedy Awards in 2016 & 2017, was a 2017 Midlands Comedy Awards winner, and in 2017 scooped the Ockham Award for excellence in skepticism.

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  • Winner – Best MC, Midands Comedy Awards 2018
  • Winner – Best MC, Midands Comedy Awards 2017
  • Winner – Best MC, Midands Comedy Awards 2016
  • Winner - 'The Parapod' podcast, with Ray Peacock - Best Online Comedy - Midlands Comedy Awards 2016
  • Nominee - 'The Parapod' podcast, with Ray Peacock - Best Internet - Chortle Awards 2016
  • Winner – Best MC, Midands Comedy Awards 2015
  • Winner – Phones 4U Comedy
  • Finalist – Jongleurs Last Laugh Comedy Search
  • Finalist – Jimmy Carr’s Comedy Idol Search
  • Semi Finalist – BBC New Comedy Award

Appearances & credits


  • Kendal Calling, Download, Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Nottingham Comedy Festival and many more

Television & film:

  • Hebburn – BBC 2
  • Luxembourg TV
  • Take the Mic – ITV
  • Stand up Britain – ITV
  • Jimmy Carr's Comedy Idol Finalist – DVD

Currently appearing at:

Tour support for; Jason Manford, Stewart Francis, Jim Jefferies, Tape Face and Pete Firman.

Clubs; The Glee Clubs, The Stand, Manfords Comedy Clubs, Last Laugh, Ten Feet Tall, Hilarity Bites, The Frog and Bucket,  International appearances in Luxembourg, Bahrain & Cyprus, and many many more

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