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Brendon Burns


Brendon Burns
Brendon Burns

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Brendon Burns


If we were to use one word to describe Burns’ career it’d be “interesting”. This is not your everyday comic. Older, wiser, calmer - Brendon’s energy is still enticing. His turn of phrase is coarse yet oddly eloquent, whilst remaining fully accessible and intensely loveable. Never pompous and ever self-deprecating, he just somehow seems to get away with murder, and his influence is ubiquitous throughout the stand-up world.

“The single most jaw-dropping, awkward, yet ultimately rewarding bit of stand up we have ever seen” – ★★★★★★ (An unprecedented six stars) Time Out, London


Brendon Burns is an Australian stand-up comedian & author, who's television career began alongside Sacha Baron Cohen & Ricky Gervais as a performer on The 11 O’Clock Show (Channel 4), but he is probably best known for his fearsome live solo shows, currently tallying at eighteen, with ten albums, and six live CDs to his name.

“His peers are not other stand ups but more from the literary World. Burns is the William Burroughs and Charles Bukowski of stand up” – The Guardian


He first appeared at the Edinburgh Fringe in 1996 and has returned every year since (bar 1999) and in 2007 won the unofficial Oscar of Stand up - the Edinburgh Fringe Festival Perrier Award for his show 'So I Suppose This Is Offensive Now'.  He released his first semi-autobiographical novel 'Fear of Hat Loss in Las Vegas' in 2010.

His latest stand-up show ‘Race-Off’ sees him pushing the boundaries once more: he’s part of a unique double act with Indigenous Australian stand-up Craig Quartermaine.  The show has been Brendon’s best reviewed show since ‘ So I Suppose…’ in 2007. 

“Sure to delight… Burns is in mischievous form” – Fest Magazine


He has become one of the most respected voices in comedy over the past 20 years, and commands a devoted following and critical acclaim.





“You have to hail a comic who exposes his life so willingly, who takes his audience on such an emotional ride without resorting to course manipulation, who has the courage to flirt with conventions of bad taste, who has the power of delivery to overwhelm resistance, revulsion and downright hostility, and, most of all, who makes it all damn funny” – Chortle


You might know him as the comedian that snaps at an Indian lady in his audience (Now at 20 million views and counting) but did you know that it was actually a Kaufmanesque social experiment to expose liberal pretence and outright bigotry in equal measure? Often replicated but never matched, his shows aren’t just extended sets, Burns specialises in creating experiences: forever experimenting with the form and throwing himself new challenges.

“It is a tremendous thrill to see a comedian who has been excelling at his craft for years reach a new peak. Brendon Burns has achieved this with a truly remarkable show in which he tests, pushes and attempts to redefine the boundaries of taste in racism, sexism and homophobia” – The Stage


“A comedians’ comedian… a perennial mischief-maker” – Chortle


Often replicated but never matched, his shows aren’t just extended sets, Burns specialises in creating experiences: forever experimenting with the form and throwing himself new challenges.

“Not only has he been pushing back the boundaries of taste for years, I’m quite certain he has no idea where they are” – Jimmy Carr


Critically acclaimed, a comic’s comic and something of a cult figure, but above all, interesting

“I think it’s got the stage now where we can officially call Brendon Burns a legend” – Bruce Dessau, London Evening Standard


Currently appearing at:

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Brendon works regularly at the following comedy clubs - Banana, Bearcat, Funhouse Comedy, Group Therapy, Sitting Room Comedy, Hampstead Comedy, Hilarity Bites, Covent Garden Comedy, Rob Riley

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