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Laurence Clark


Laurence Clark

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Laurence Clark

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Laurence Clark


Laurence Clark is an internationally-acclaimed comedian, screenwriter, playwright and actor, who has cerebral palsy. He has performed everywhere from 10 Downing Street to a double-decker bus touring Sheffield.

"He wittily prods at society's ideas of responsibility and irresponsibility... a warm and funny hour of assumption smashing”
– ★★★★ Guardian


"plenty of comic bang for your buck"
– ★★★★ Chortle


His observational, political stand-up, and filmed stunts, demonstrate the endearing naivety and ridiculousness of human behaviour by seeing the world through his eyes - with humour and warmth.

"An engaging clown"
– The Sunday Times


With television appearances on BBC, ITV and Channel 4, Laurence was the subject of major BBC1 documentary We Won’t Drop the Baby, been a presenter for BBC Newsnight and has recently appeared on The Wright Stuff and The One Show.

"slickly woven.. cracking one-liners.. Laurence Clark is firing on all cylinders"
– ★★★★Metro


"Close to the bone and very funny... makes Chris Morris look lightweight. Dangerously funny"
– ★★★★The Scotsman


He was awarded Shortlist magazine’s Funniest New Comedian and has been a finalist in the Amused Moose Edinburgh Comedy Awards. He has blogged for BBC Ouch, The Independent and The Guardian, and regularly performs with the comedy collective Abnormally Funny People.

His solo shows at the Edinburgh Fringe have gained him a plethora of four and five star reviews.

"…the sort of self-deprecating gags that you just won’t hear elsewhere on the Fringe.. reams of thought-provoking material, and you’ve got a rich package"
– ★★★★ Fest


"stupendously funny and thought-provoking show.. Clark has a wit drier than the Navajo desert, a control of timing that would put Seiko to shame and scores upon scores of fizzingly funny one-liners"
– The Stage


"This is heavy hitting, clever stuff. Not very much stand-up these days has the power to shock, to force a sharp intake of breath and to change minds"
– The Scotsman


Laurence had a massively successful run at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018, where his latest show ‘An Irresponsible Father’s Guide to Parenting’ received huge critical acclaim, and packed audiences. Gag Reflex loved producing the show that summer, and were very happy to continue on to work with Laurence on a full time basis.

Laurence starred in BBC1’s documentary 'We Won’t Drop the Baby' – when the show was uploaded to YouTube years later, the response it received worldwide was at times inspirational and uplifting – at others, derogatory and incredibly personal. Laurence’s latest Fringe show explored these reactions, and questioned his role as a father, with the help of his two young sons, who undoubtedly steal the limelight with their charming and innocent view of their parents. His solo show ‘An Irresponsible Father’s Guide to Parenting’ went on to complete a huge nationwide Tour.

"an excellent hour, jam-packed with laughs..a delight to watch”
– ★★★★★ One4review


"By that extravagant finale you’ll be clapping, singing, laughing, cheering” 
– ★★★★Fest


"A funny hour of family friendly comedy… a refreshing tonic to perk you up” 
– ★★★★★Fringe Review






"funny and inspirational.. you will come away feeling uplifted and full of joy for having encountered Laurence Clark” 
– ★★★★★ North West End


"Clark’s personality is immediately effervescent, his routine is peppered with deftly crafted anecdotes, shock humour and blistering one-liners. All the while he is making a very serious point in lampooning ableist attitudes” 
– Disability Arts Online


Laurence had huge success at the Edinburgh International Festival in 2018, as part of the cast of the play 'Purposeless Movements', produced by Birds of Paradise Theatre Company and Written & directed by Robert Softley Gale. It was a visually stunning dance theatre piece, that riffed on the stories of four adults with cerebral palsy, looking at how it affects their lives, their gender, their masculinity and their movement.

“…a brilliant, brainy and beautiful piece that leaves you with generous answers as well as multiple questions.”
★★★★★ The List

“Honest, gripping and emotively intimate, this is a must see.. educates as well as entertains.” ★★★★★ Edinburgh Guide

“… compelling deliberations on the ways in which men with disabilities negotiate their gender identity and sexuality.” ★★★★ The Times

“… a warm and funny experience that achieves what all the best theatre does: open a window on other lives…”
★★★★ The Independent

“Sharp humour and glimmers of hope weave through the piece as they start to poke fun at their own disability.”
★★★★ The Stage

“Provocative without being confrontational, it is a rich and intelligent production that cajoles even as it seduces.”
★★★★ Edinburgh Festivals Magazine

Laurence is also a prolific writer. In the summer of 2018 he was on the writing team for forthcoming episodes of ITV's Coronation Street. His first play, ‘Cured’ about a group of young disabled people who rebel whilst on a pilgrimage to Lourdes, won an Unlimited commission and is being developed as a full production by Liverpool’s Royal Court Theatre.

"Clark’s humour is warm & mischievous & although, at times, close to the bone.. it’s delivered in a way that never offends.. Clark is a fighter & a witty pragmatist to boot.. made me laugh and smile from beginning to end” 
– ★★★★ Broadway Baby


He has completed Channel 4’s Commissioner Mentoring Scheme and his drama series ‘Help’ about two disabled parents who control their own support, based on personal experience, has been optioned by Lime pictures. He has written and performed in his first short film, Tick Box for 104 Films which premiered at the Edinburgh International Film Festival 2017. Together with Matt Holt, he was commissioned by Channel 4 to write a sitcom pilot called ‘Intolerable’ which they’re now developing with Objective Fiction.

In 2021 Laurence won one of the coveted places on the Channel 4 Drama Screenwriting course, 4Screenwriting. An invaluable course within the industry, it reflects the channel’s commitment to finding and nurturing new voices and is a hothouse for writers to discover their own paths to making great television. Writers receive motivational, creative and practical advice, as well as the expertise and guidance of their own script editors, whilst developing their own original one-hour drama or drama serial.

"Darkly funny"
– The Telegraph


"self-depreciating yet self-assured... a damn fine comedian.” 
– ★★★★Fest


With over ten years’ experience in hosting and performing at corporate events, Laurence is in high demand on the conference circuit. Whether it’s stand-up comedy, a keynote speech, a witty talk after lunch or dinner, facilitating a workshop, or hosting an event, Laurence has the ability to connect and communicate with a wide and diverse range of audiences.

We’ve only had positive feedback from Laurence’s performance and it was certainly a great way to end the conference. I certainly wouldn’t hesitate recommending Laurence to colleagues for any events they might be organising.” Association of Directors of Social Services Cymru

Many thanks for coming up to our festival and for doing such a great job.Equality and Human Rights Commission

Thanks so much for your wonderful performance on Friday. It really was the perfect balance for our audience and I think sent a really strong and powerful message about disabilityAble Child Africa

Satisfied corporate clients in recent years include:

The UK Government and the NHS – numerous departments /The BBC / The Equality and Human Rights Commission / Social Care Institute for Excellence / Association of Directors of Social Services Cymru / The Legal Services Commission / Arts Council England / National Union of Students / Oxford University Student Union / The University of Cambridge / Humberside Police Authority / Hampshire Police Authority / The City of London / Cambridge City Council / London Borough of Newham / South Yorkshire Centre for Independent Living / Southampton Centre for Independent Living Independus / Richmond Centre for Independent Living Choices / Rights Disability Coalition, Hull / Brighton and Hove Federation of Disabled People / Liberty Resources (Philadelphia, USA) / Access Living (Chicago, USA) / Florida State University / The National Theatre / Scottish Parliament


  • Funniest New Comedian, Winner - Shortlist
  • Amused Moose Edinburgh Comedy Awards, Finalist - Shortlist

Appearances & credits


  • Southbank Centre, London - Unlimited Festival - Solo Show - 2018
  • Edinburgh Festival Fringe - Solo Show - 2018
  • Southbank Centre, London - Unlimited Festival - Solo Show - 2016
  • Edinburgh Festival Fringe - Solo Show - 2016
  • Leicester Comedy Festival - Solo Show - 2016
  • Edinburgh Festival Fringe - Solo Show - 2015 - Abnormally Funny People Production
  • Cripfest - Brooklyn, New York - Solo Show - 2015
  • Edinburgh Festival Fringe - Solo Show - 2014
  • Leicester Comedy Festival - Solo Show - 2014
  • Sky Kilkenny Cat Laughs - Solo Show - 2013
  • Southbank Centre, London - Unlimited Festival - Solo Show - 2012
  • Edinburgh Festival Fringe - Solo Show - 2012
  • Leicester Comedy Festival - Solo Show - 2012
  • Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival - Belfast - Solo Show - 2012
  • Edinburgh Festival Fringe - Solo Show - 2011
  • Leicester Comedy Festival - Solo Show - 2011
  • Edinburgh Festival Fringe - Solo Show - 2008
  • Adelaide Fringe - Solo Show - 2008
  • Edinburgh Festival Fringe - Solo Show - 2007
  • Edinburgh Festival Fringe - Solo Show - 2006
  • Leicester Comedy Festival - Solo Show - 2005
  • Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival - Belfast - Solo Show - 2004
  • Edinburgh Festival Fringe - Solo Show - 2004
  • Edinburgh Festival Fringe - Solo Show - 2003
  • Dadafest - Solo Show - 2001-2010 / 2012 / 2014 / 2016 / 2018

Television & film:

  • Guest - The Wright Show - Channel 5 - 2018
  • Comedian - The One Show - BBCOne - 2017
  • James - Magic Hour 4 - Tickbox/104 Films - 2016
  • Steve - Intolerable (taster tape) - Matt Holt Productions - 2016
  • Self / Stand-up Comedian - We won't drop the baby - BBC - 2012
  • Stand-up Comedian - Embarrassing Bodies - Maverick/Channel 4 - 2011
  • Stand-up Comedian - TV and Disability, Are you having a laugh? - Northern Upstart / BBC - 2010
  • Stand-up Comedian - The Shooting Party - Maverick/Channel 4 - 2008
  • Presenter - The London Programme - 12 Cons of Christmas - ITV - 2007
  • Walk on - I'm with Stupid - BBC - 2006
  • Presenter - Newsnight - BBC - 2004

Currently appearing at:

Speaker - Corporate and private events

UK & International Festivals

Theatre shows

Writing credits

  • Storyboarding for Coronation Street - ITV - 2019
  • Play - Cured - 2018
  • Sitcom Pilot - Intolerable - 2018
  • Drama series - Help - 2018
  • Blogs - BBC Ouch
  • Blogs - The Independent
  • Blogs - The Guardian
  • An Irresponsible Rather's Guide to Parenting - 2018
  • Short Film - Tick Box - 2017
  • Moments of Instant Regret - Edinburgh Festival Fringe
  • Inspired - Edinburgh Festival Fringe
  • Health Hazard - Edinburgh Festival Fringe
  • Spastic Fantastic - Edinburgh Festival Fringe
  • Jim Fixed It for Me - Edinburgh Festival Fringe
  • The Jim Davidson Guide to Equality - Edinburgh Festival Fringe
  • The All Star Charity Show - Edinburgh Festival Fringe
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