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Rosco McClelland


Rosco McClelland

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Rosco McClelland

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Rosco McClelland


Scottish Comedian Rosco McClelland is riding high on the current Scottish comedy revival; he's one of its brightest stars, with bags of potential and professional accolades to prove he is something very special

"an act who enjoys taking chances.. (shows) non stop progression towards stardom"
– Chortle


Twice nominated Best Newcomer at the Scottish Comedy Awards, and winner of Scottish Comedian of the Year in 2016, his endearing onstage presence has impressed judges and audiences alike. Rosco's naturally humorous delivery and surreal observations ensure a remarkable performance, everytime.

"a gifted storyteller, with great stage presence and, of course, fantastic gags. His informal, chatty style makes for an exciting show that can go literally anywhere"
– Ed Fest Magazine


Rosco was chosen as one of Chortle’s ‘Comedians to Watch' back in 2017, for his unique comedic voice, and hard working attitude. He is frequently compared to fellow Glaswegian Billy Connolly, due to his fragmented story teller style, and ofcourse, his compelling rhythmic melodic voice.


His offbeat musings and exaggerated visual imagery feel natural and not forced, as they come from an act with one foot very much planted in the real world, and he never fails to leave audiences wanting more.

In his successful Edinburgh Festival Fringe show in 2017, Rosco delved deep to find out what makes him tick, using psychedelic storytelling to traverse through a life-changing event. ‘How I Got Over’ was based on his brush with death as a teenager, and discovery of a life threatening heart condition. His blasé outlook on mortality makes for some deliciously dark comedy, while his wandering mind concocts strange and surreal tangents and observations, which were the highlights of the show.

"McClelland’s persona is that of a droll philosopher, rolling with the punches life throws at him. There are unquestionable shades of Billy Connolly to his style.. a worthy aspiration. His main story is a cracker.. with a sense of jeopardy, it's a yarn that really suckers you in and there's an exquisite payoff"
– Chortle








"McClelland's gravelly and animated onstage presence emitted continuous laughter from the audience"
– The Skinny


McClelland loves a tangent and this suits his anecdotal, story telling style perfectly, giving the show its lighter moments and absurd touches.

"McClelland is approaching shades of Tony Law-style buffoonery"
– Jay Richardson


Audiences were rewarded with clinical wit from a performance which also sold out at the Adelaide Comedy Festival in 2017.

In 2018 Rosco returned to the Edinburgh Fringe; his sold out show '29' 'exploring the perils of getting older and embracing it, whilst attempting to cling to your ever declining youth'. It showed comedy brilliance from one of Scottish comedy's brightest rising stars.

"natural ability as a storyteller and the miner of laughs.. well written and delivered. Rosco McClelland is definitely a comic to watch" – ★★★★One 4 Review


In 2019 Rosco joined comedians Ashley Storrie and Christopher Macarthur-Boyd on BBC Scotland's 'Up For It', a series which saw the three performers compete in off-the-wall challenges, skits and guides to life. The show was brilliantly received, and went on to film a second series, in Glasgow, which aired in 2020.

"Overly polished and underwhelming when done by others...McClelland is never these things!"
– The Skinny


Rosco's Edinburgh Fringe show in 2019, was a sometimes surreal, yet thoughtful look at his last year - detailing how when you get a new worst day of your life, it’s time to tell everyone about the second worst. It was a show about discovering the magic in your belly, from the star of BBC Scotland, and Glasgow's brightest young comedian, and showed yet again the massive potential of this brilliant performer.

“endearing, slightly shambolic delivery style.. certainly knows where to find the funny” – ★★★★ One4Review


“McClelland is an energetic, physical performer. The energy rarely dips, even during moments of genuine sentiment” – The Wee Review



  • Nominee - Best TV Show for BBC Scotland's Up For It - Scottish Comedy Awards - 2020
  • Winner - Best MC - Scottish Comedy Awards - 2020
  • Winner - Children's Event Award - Perth Fringe World - 2020
  • Comedians to Watch - Chortle - 2017
  • Finalist - Scottish Comedian of the Year - 2017
  • Winner - Scottish Comedian of the Year - 2016
  • Finalist - Scottish Comedian of the Year 2015
  • Nominee - Best Scottish Newcomer - 2015
  • Finalist - Scottish Comedian of the Year 2014
  • Nominee - Best Scottish Newcomer - 2014
  • Nominee - Best Scottish Newcomer - 2013

Appearances & credits


  • Fringe World, Perth, Australia 2020
  • Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2017, 2018, 2019
  • Fringe World, Perth, Australia 2017
  • Adelaide Festival, Australia 2017
  • Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2016


  • BBC 4 Best of the Fest - 2016
  • Writer - BBC Scotland 'Breaking the News' 2016-2017

Television & film:

  • CBBC - The Dog Ate My Homework - 2021
  • BBC Scotland - Up For It, Series 2 - 2020
  • BBC Scotland - Up For It, Series 1 - 2019
  • BBC1 - Scot Squad - 2017
  • STV - The Late Show - 2016

Currently appearing at:

  • The Stand, Manfords Comedy Clubs, The Glee Club, Rotunda Comedy, LOL Comedy, The Comedy Company, Funhouse Comedy, Gilded Balloon, The Frog & Bucket
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