John Robertson

The Dark Room For Kids

WINNER: Best Kids Show – Leicester Comedy Festival 2018

John Robertson’s terrifying, live-action videogame ‘The Dark Room’ now comes with a family-friendly flavour! This one man/multiple victim contestant interactive game show is a cult-hit worldwide: like the tiny, drunken adults they are, it turns out kids love yelling, violence and computer games. Parents love the nostalgia of the 8-bit graphics and letting the kids know what it feels like to be on the receiving end of a barrage of unreasonable demands for a change.

Part stand-up comedy show, part theatre; all interactive and insane – this award-winning, genre-defining, mixture of improv comedy and retro gaming all combines to become a deranged rock n’ roll game show – now suitable for ages 11 and up. Families will find themselves trapped inside a live-action videogame! How will they escape?! Will they:

A. Find the light switch?
Go North?
C. Explode in a pile of stinking guts?

If the kids win, there are REAL(ly terrible) PRIZES! But if they lose, The Dark Room keeps whichever of their parents they like the least. This is an interactive, immersive, non-patronising, gaming-come-comedy show that kicks butt and doesn’t swear…much.

A must see for anyone who wants to treat/punish their little darlings with a cult hit, super fun, fear-filled interactive adventure like no other. It’s bonkers fun for all the family.

star star star star

"John Robertson has his young audience in raptures."

Three Weeks

star star star star star

"Take your offspring… the kids absolutely eat this stuff up!"

Voice Magazine