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The ParaPod - A Very British Ghost Hunt

The Parapod - A Very British Ghost Hunt

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- The Parapod - A Very British Ghost Hunt

The first podcast to be turned into a feature length film, The ParaPod - A Very British Ghost Hunt (formerly known as The Parpod Movie) follows Ian Boldsworth and Barry Dodds as they visit the most haunted village in the world, the home of the world’s most violent poltergeist, the underground labyrinths of Edinburgh, and everywhere in between, as Barry tries with increasing desperation to find some proof to convince his cynical friend that ghosts are real.

What follows is a journey of true discovery, of shocks, emotional turmoil and a bewildering climax, peppered with The ParaPod’s trademark conflict and hilarity. You won’t believe it… but he will.

Boldsworth said: ‘The sell-out preview of January 2020 in London’s Leicester Square rather cruelly tricked me into believing this arduous journey of listening to Barry’s ghost nonsense had an end in sight. In March 2020, two dates into the UK screening tour, it was clear that the universe had other ideas.

‘So I am truly delighted that this unique film is finally going to be witnessed by others, and I can get the sympathy I deserve for putting myself through this supernatural bombardment.

Dodds added: ‘After what has felt like (and literally has been) years of waiting for the wider world to see the film which dominated so much of our working lives, it’s a real pleasure to know that it will finally be out there for the world to see.

‘It’s a unique experience to hear oneself in the grip of mind-bending fear but I hope both sceptics and believers will take away something from this film, hopefully, something different to what they brought to it.'

"has an appeal that should reach beyond existing fans.. you don’t even need to care too deeply about things that go bump in the night to become bewitched by their fractious friendship.. offers shocks, chills, laughs and a hot take on human nature”
– ★★★★ Chortle


UK Premiere at the Prince Charles Cinema, London's West End, 7th Jan 2020. What the audience said:

Knew the @theparapod movie would be funny but didn’t expect it to be genuinely terrifying too. Never been in a cinema where the audience have laughed so hard and jumped so much. Absolute banger from start to finish.” @hillyfoz

“#TheParaPodMovie is not only an hilarious and often touching piece of cinema, it's also genuinely terrifying at times. Standing ovation after the credits rolled and bloody well deserved it was too.@gabundy

Following a smash hit podcast @InfiniteHermit and @Barry_Dodds (and everyone involved) have made something truly wonderful and truly shit scary!!! The standing ovation at the end said it all...go and see it.Jonny Awsum

#TheParaPodMovie was amazing! Genuinely had me slapping my thighs laughing at points.” @CaptainClueles5

Seriously what a phenomenal film.” @JudgeFish

If it ends up near you go watch #TheParaPodMovie.@ParaAndroid700

#TheParaPodMovie was sensational. Hilarious, naturally, but so much more than that. It was tense, it was moving, it was thoughtful and it was joyous. An amazing journey to witness.@tlchimera

Disappointingly for me, it was not s**t.” – Richard Herring

Run time: 1hr 45 mins

Book now to avoid disappointment - More dates being added, check theparapod.com

In 2015, Ian Boldsworth and Barry Dodds decided to start recording their arguments about the existence of ghosts. Lifelong believer in the paranormal Dodds, and hardwired skeptic Boldsworth went head to head in The ParaPod podcast with staggering results.

Three series, 2.3m downloads, sold out live shows and specials later, Boldsworth made this the first podcast to be turned into a feature length film, and in 2020 the premiere of the film took place in London's Leicester Square

Documentary-filmed, completely on location over a three-year period, The ParaPod Movie is produced by Bil Bungay (MoonDiego MaradonaWhen The Lights Went Out), directed by and starring award-winning podcast pioneer Ian Boldsworth (Peacock & Gamble PodcastThe ParaPodThe Mental Podcast) and multi-award-winning comedian Barry Dodds.

Initially funded with a campaign on the original podcast where listeners paid for a movie credit, against all odds this truly unique independent movie comes to fruition.

"It’s impossible to write about The Parapod Movie without acknowledging the remarkable way it was financed. That’s thanks to all those listeners who dipped into their pockets and crowdfunded it, wanting to see how the pair could translate their debates about the existence of ghosts to a big-screen narratives.. this is a film about people more than it is about spectral happenings, especially the two protagonists’ peculiarly male friendship based largely on taunting, piss-taking and cajolery. That, of course is where the comedy comes from.

It’s also about the nature of belief, from the nature of ghost stories we like to tell ourselves – a notion underpinned by succinct talking-head experts – to the fact the supposedly ‘open-minded’ Dodds is unwilling to accept serious scrutiny of his point of view, preferring to hide behind pseudo-scientific gadgetry he ultimately knows is pointless.

All this means this movie has an appeal that should reach beyond existing fans of the podcasts. No knowledge of the show is needed, and you don’t even need to care too deeply about things that go bump in the night to become bewitched by their fractious friendship in a film that offers shocks, chills, laughs and a hot take on human nature." – Chortle


The ParaPod - A Very British Ghost Hunt The ParaPod - A Very British Ghost Hunt

See the show at:

9th March 2020
The Everyman Cinema, Bristol 

13th March 2020
The Storyhouse, Chester 

1pm, 14th March 2020
Birmingham Midlands Arts Centre 

8pm, 14th March 2020
Birmingham Midlands Arts Centre 


7th September 2021
Everyman Cinema, Kings Cross, London - *On sale

14th September 2021
Sale Waterside - *Rescheduled date, now on sale

15th Sept 2021 
Chorley Little Theatre - *Rescheduled date, now on sale

16th Sept 2021
The Savoy, Nottingham - *Rescheduled date, now on sale

17th September 2021 
The ARC, Stockton on Tees - *Rescheduled date, now on sale

19th September 2021 
The Carriageworks, Leeds - *Rescheduled date, now on sale

21st September 2021
Everyman Cinema, Glasgow - *On sale

27th September 2021
Everyman Cinema, Bristol - *On sale

31st October 2021

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