Tape Face

The Tape Face Show

Mime with noise.

Stand-up with no talking.

Drama with no acting.

Tape Face has to be seen to be believed.

As seen on America’s Got Talent and direct from Las Vegas – TAPE FACE is in town. 

Delightful, wry, and hilarious. Through simple, clever and charming humour, Tape Face has created one of the most accessible and enjoyable shows the world has ever seen.

His appeal transcends the boundaries of age, language and culture, drawing on a heritage that includes silent film, mime, magic, puppetry, Motown and the films of Patrick Swayze. Tape Face is a pensive, curious soul approaching every object and audience member as a potential friend – or plaything. Shoes sing, empty dresses dance and electrical tape blossoms into roses; he creates a world of possibilities where the only certainty is laughter.

“Utterly spectacular! Endlessly inventive, hysterically funny. Sublime physical lunacy – fight for a ticket.”


“If you’re looking for a show that’s a delight from start to finish, that can be enjoyed by absolutely everybody, tape face is superlative-defying.”


“the last word in silent comedy”

The Guardian

“simply joyous, sometimes mesmerising”

The Times

Tour dates

1 November 2024

Komedia Bath